About My History


My Experiences

My story is your story, and the story of many who hitchEd their wagon to the rising wave of the last century technology boom. It is all but forgotten by history. A few became obscenely wealthy because of their investments into the boom, but not so for those who made it happen.    

I graduated from DeVry Institute of Technology in October of 1990. The internet, as we know it, became public domain in 1991. After addressing the issues of the Peace Dividend  Recession of 1990, I began a long career chasing the illusive goal of prosperity in Technology. This blog, began elsewhere in 2004, it the story of that chase.  


My Community

I respect the hacktivist of Anonymous, yet the concept came much later in my digital career. I fly the colors of the Jolly Rodger, but my writing is my own.  I give credit where technology credit is needed, deserved, or denied. This I learned from Occupy Wall Street, and have brought to Marion, Iowa. 


The Anonymous History Which Brought You Here

 In 2011, I joined with the Young Radicals and Anarchist, and Occupied Chicago. Much has passed since the days we took to the street. Some of it is good, some of it is very bad.  This record picks up where we left off.